Lough Shore Investments partners with Oscar-nominated director to produce ‘The Shore’

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Lough Shore Investments has announced their backing of The Shore, the latest offering from director and double Oscar-nominated screenwriter Terry George.

The film, shot entirely on location in Cooney Island, Co. Down, tells the story of Jim Mahon and his return to Belfast with his daughter, Patricia, after 25 years in exile having fled Belfast’s Troubles decades earlier.

The Shore, also produced in association with Northern Ireland Screen & Tourism Ireland, premieres tomorrow evening (Friday, April 1st) at the Belfast Film Festival. Director Terry George will introduce the film and Belfast-based singer-songwriter Foy Vance, who provided music for the soundtrack, will perform after the screening.

Speaking following the announcement, Danny Moore, Lough Shore Investments principal and executive producer of The Shore, said: “To many this might seem like a slight departure for Lough Shore Investments, we see it very differently. For us, The Shore offered a very unique means through which we can showcase Northern Ireland abroad, both as a place to do business, film or otherwise, and as a fantastic tourist destination.

“The very fact that an Oscar-nominated director had such a strong desire to film in Northern Ireland should tell us all we need to know about the talent to be had here. We hope Terry George is but the first of many noteworthy directors to look to Northern Ireland for the location of their next film.”

Stephen Morrow, also of Lough Shore Investments and the other executive producer of The Shore, commented: “Northern Ireland’s film and TV industry continues to go from strength to strength and we’re delighted to be a part of that. You only have to look to the scale of the project’s being shot at Belfast's Paint Hall Studio to see how TV and film is contributing to the local economy. Indigenous projects such as The Shore can only further bolster this effort.”

Terry George, director of The Shore, concluded: “There can be no doubt that Lough Shore Investments’ involvement in The Shore is a significant step forward for the actual business of filmmaking, here in Northern Ireland. We hope it will help focus local business and government to the future economic benefits of developing the Northern Irish TV and film industry. It’s an exciting time.